Temple Beth Orr is Going Green


At Temple Beth Orr we are as always, seeking ways to become even more efficient and cost conscious in our spending and operations. In November, a task force was formed to determine ways in which we could streamline our expenses and operate more cost-effectively. One of the recommendations of the task force was to decrease the amount of mail we send out and to go paperless in any way possible.

This recommendation is central to our Jewish values of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. In our eco-conscious society, it is imperative that we act environmentally responsible and contemplate the implications of our actions and environmental impact. Going paperless will dramatically reduce Temple Beth Orr’s consumption of valuable resources. In turn we will not only reduce our overall carbon imprint but it provides us with a valuable way in which we can all work together to “repair the world”.

For these reasons, we have decided to initiate this effort. Beginning March 1, 2016, majority of our correspondence will be provided to you via email. This will include birthday cards, donation acknowledgments, invoices and more. Our announcements will continue to be available via email, social media and on our website. If you do not currently follow us on Facebook, please do so to further ensure that you are able to keep to date with all of our events and notifications.

If you do not currently receive our emails, need to update your email address or have any questions, please contact: Autumn in the office. Thank you in advance for joining us in this effort. Kulanu, we are all in this together.


Steve Feinstein


Michelle RossTemple Beth Orr is Going Green
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