Board Application

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  1. Commitment to Temple Beth Orr’s mission.
  2. Time available for meetings and preparations for the same.
  3. Ability to listen and participate in discussion.
  4. Be positive about board decisions whether agreed to or not.
  5. Time available to participate in orientation, training and temple activities.


  1. Attend all Board Meetings, arrive on time and be prepared and willing to discuss agenda items.
  2. Attend services at least once a month and the majority of social events.
  3. Participate in at least one committee and implement the objectives of the temple through this forum.
  4. Know the goals, objectives and policies of Temple Beth Orr.
  5. Support the Staff and work of Temple Beth Orr.
  6. Recruit potential Committee and Board Members from the congregation.
  7. Undertake personally to give or get an amount set by you and the President each year through donations or in-kind contributions.
  8. Become acquainted with the office and staff to get more than paper knowledge of the operations of the temple.
  9. Carry out all delegated assignments promptly.
  10. Volunteer once a month at TBO Bingo.
  11. Have a working knowledge of the duties and provisions in the constitution.
  12. Interpret the financial needs of the synagogue to individuals and corporations capable of making contributions to Temple Beth Orr.
  13. Make policy consistent with the Temple’s goals.
  14. Approve and periodically review the budget.
  15. Manage and administer Temple’s funds.
  16. If items are not explained adequately, ask for clarification.
  17. Input is necessary. Silence can be interpreted as consent.
  18. Establish long-range planning for the operation, growth and development of the temple.
  19. Evaluate the overall temple in relation to the Jewish Community’s need.
  20. Attend one information session per elected term.
  21. Maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

Approximate time required: Per month, including travel time

  • Board Meetings: 3 Hours
  • Committee meeting: 3 hours
  • Preparations/Follow up: 3 hours
  • Special Events: as required
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