Letter from the President

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Temple Beth Orr has been a vibrant force of Reform Judaism in Coral Springs for 45 years. We are a dynamic, multi-generational and multi-ethnic community made up of both singles and families. We warmly welcome interfaith couples and families as well as LGBTQ singles and families. We are a proud member of the Union for Reform Judaism, which serves Jewish congregations throughout North America. We take pride in the fact that we continually work with and reach out to the many houses of faith in our community. We do not merely co-exist, we truly collaborate.

There is something for everyone at Temple Beth Orr. With our warm and welcoming Shabbat services, the amazing NAEYC accredited Kuhn Early Childhood Center, Rosenberg Religious School, vast array of lifelong learning programs, social groups for all ages, award winning Women of Reform Judaism (Sisterhood) as well as our growing Brotherhood, TBO is constantly a buzz seven days a week. Our core value of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is always evident and can be seen each week in action as our Rabbi Gross Food Pantry feeds hundreds of hungry families in our area, among the many other social action initiatives that we organize.

We are forward thinking and have removed one of the largest barriers to affiliation; the traditional membership dues structure. In 2015 we rolled out an alternative membership dues structure, the Temple Beth Orr Annual Support Program. Within this new structure, we transparently share with our members, the budget and the per household amount that we need to meet that year’s budget. This amount is called the Sustaining Amount. Our members then make a pledge of support using the Sustaining Amount as a guide. If all of our families paid the Sustaining Amount, we would make budget. We hope that they do this, but if they decide they are unable to do so, then we simply request that they give to the best of their ability toward the support of their temple community. The amount that they give is always left up to them. Our temple leadership took the leap of faith that our temple family members would want to do the most possible to keep our home of Judaism not only surviving, but thriving for years to come. The trust that we had in our community and this leap of faith is paying off. We are proud to say that the generosity of the pledges this past year has placed us in a much healthier financial position.

We look forward to continuing to remove barriers to all by engaging our members and the unaffiliated where they are. Judaism is alive and it can prosper in many places, not simply within the walls of our building. Our engagement goals will continue to see us on that path and will keep our house of light burning bright wherever she is represented.

We have so much to look forward to. I ask that you join me and our other board members, committee chairs, committee members and volunteers. It is a joy to give back and be a part of something bigger. Temple Beth Orr needs each and every one of us. Assist us with a small, short-term project or dive into a committee. It is all important and it all matters! Please feel free to contact me at president@templebethorr.org if you have any questions about Temple Beth Orr or about how to get further involved in our community.

Thank you for your faith in me. I am humbled and grateful for that faith and for your ongoing support.

Lori Weinstock, President of Temple Beth Orr

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