Membership With No Fixed Dues

Temple Beth Orr has eliminated the outdated traditional dues structure and has made a change in favor of a more modern and engaging approach based on a pledge based membership Support Program. We want our members to be part of our community and not be restricted by predetermined fixed dues. We are so excited about this alternative type of dues structure and how this has helped us to continue to build more of a true community. It means that people are giving freely from their heart.

Our new approach:

  • We share with our members the per household amount we need to meet budget.
  • This is called the Sustaining Amount.
  • If all families gave that amount, we would make budget.
  • If families are able to pledge the sustaining amount, we hope they do so.
  • If they are unable to pledge that amount, we ask that they give thoughtfully and to the best of their ability.
  • The amount of their membership pledge is up to them. 

To see our Membership Application
and Pledge Card, please click here

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