Kol Nidre Appeal

A Special Kol Nidre Message

As chairperson of this year’s appeal, I’m urging all congregants to donate. Every dollar counts towards our goal of 100% participation! This is the season to reflect, renew, inspire.

For more information about the Kol Nidre campaign, please email me: [email protected] or call the TBO office. If you are interested in sharing your reasons for donating, don’t hesitate to call.

Temple Beth Orr has been my Jewish family for over 40 years! In addition to the spiritualness I feel and the life-long friendships I’ve made, it is my home away from home. That’s why I’m donating to Kol Nidre.

Selma Keil

Sue Butin

During the many months of COVID isolation, TBO provided many wonderful ways to stay connected. There were presentations, book club, film discussions, craft projects, Rabbi-led discussion groups, and beautiful weekly services with upbeat music and relevant sermons (shout out to our amazing rabbi and to Andy). In addition we got to chat with our friends online. TBO provided all of this despite shrinking revenue due to lower school enrollments, no income due to cancellation of BINGO, and increased costs for security.  Therefore, to say thank you, I am increasing my Kol Nidre pledge this.  Happy New year to all.

Judy Averbuch

This past year has been difficult for all of us. Permit me to share a personal story. Two weeks ago, I lifted my pen to write a donation to the Temple for Yizkor and stopped. Memories flooded back of my parents who died way too young, and of my dear sister who wasn’t able to know the adorable grandchildren, who I now enjoy. I grieve anew. Earlier that evening, my granddaughter and boyfriend came for dinner before they left for graduate school. After dinner we laughed as we competed over several pool and pinball games. Before leaving though, she walked him around our house. As Phil and I followed behind and listened, we had tears in our eyes.  She slowly described all the many warm childhood times she and her brother had spent with us,- our special breakfasts, -the games we played, -the fun and bubbles in the bath, -the pillows and bed covers she snuggled under, and the songs we sang to put them to sleep. And, she showed him her Bat Mitzvah pictures that were displayed.  This is the legacy we’ve imparted!

This is why at Kol Nidre time we remember and we donate. I urge you to remember to write that check.  It feels so good and so right.

I wish all my fellow congregants La Shanah Tovah. Be well and stay safe.

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