Adult Education (Lifelong Learning)

We Pray Together…We Learn Together
Life Long Learning Center/Adult Education

The Judy and Phil Averbuch Life Long Learning Programs have been developed with members of our temple and members of the community in mind. Enrich your life by participating in our programs. Classes may be held at Temple or off campus. There are also field trips! We even have a program that can be held in your home – where you are free to invite your friends and neighbors to attend.  Central Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE) also offers programming here at TBO.

Our weekly Torah study “Bagel Academy” enriches the mind and soul, and attendance is counted toward “Keva” certificates from the Union for Reform Judaism, in recognition of having completed a hundred hours of ongoing adult study in our synagogue courses.

We are passionate about Jewish learning and invite you to attend our stimulating and thought provoking classes. There is much to choose from. Here is a sample of some of our classes:

  • Rhythms for Jewish Living: What’s the point of living a Jewish life?
  • Dig deeper into the background of Jewish Holidays, Life Cycle Observances and Rituals
  • Science and the Jews
  • Explore contemporary life issues: stem cell use, end of life decisions, the environment
  • Jews and Drama: and we’re not talking Hollywood
  • Explore the history of the Jews from Abraham to modern Israel
  • Israeli Literature
  • See Israel and Israeli Culture through the reading of books by Israeli authors
  • Values for Parents to Share with Their Children
  • Values for daily living
  • Krav Maga – Israeli Martial Arts
  • Israeli Dance
  • Creating a Jewish Home
  • An Attitude of Gratitude
  • Appreciating life even when all you think you have are lemons
  • We’re an Interfaith Family: the dilemma of dealing with Parents, In-laws and your children
  • Women of the Bible
  • Challah – It’s on the Rise
  • Women of the Wall and the Quest for Peace at the Kotel
  • Worship at TBO – An Introduction
  • Holiday Happenings – Learn about the Holiday and clever ways to enjoy the holiday at home
  • Jewish Genetic Issues for Jewish Families and What Interfaith Families need to Know
  • Jewish Humor or Humorous Jews!
  • Tikkun Olam – why is it such a central part of being Jewish?
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