Tenth Grade Confirmation
The Temple Beth Orr Confirmation program  is one where teens talk, nosh, watch clips of relevant movies and TV shows, and gain a deep understanding of what it means to live a Jewish life and deepen their commitment to Jewish adulthood. The class is discussion-based and focuses on topics that students may have wondered about, but had never had the opportunity to delve deeply into before:

  • How does one make a decision in ethical dilemmas
  • What do Jews believe theologically
  • What is the difference between Jewish denominations
  • How does one stay Jewish outside of your parent’s home
  • What is the importance of Israel and current events
  • How do we honor and respect our bodies
  • How do Reform Jews celebrate Valentine’s and Halloween, etc.

Traditionally, the Reform movement draws a parallel between the Jewish people’s acceptance of Torah at Mt. Sinai and the Confirmand’s acceptance of the role of Torah in their lives, and so the class culminates with a Confirmation service on the Friday preceding Shavuot. The Confirmands take part in all aspects of the service, and share their own words on their Jewish identity with the congregation.

For more information on Confirmation, please contact our office by clicking here or calling (954) 753-3232.

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