TBO Superhero Challenge

A Fundraiser for our Entire Congregational Family

(ECC / Religious School & Everyone who is part of the TBO Family)

32 Days to RAISE $32,000

Sisterhood is proud to announce our challenge to YOU our TBO family. We will match dollar to dollar our Fashion Show proceeds of $32,000 to keep our doors open and our lights burning in these times of financial difficulty. Together we can ensure that TBO will be there for our children and grandchildren.

We are facing an unprecedented crisis that will require an unprecedented response. TBO is prepared to see our community through this, as we have always have. But we can’t do it alone. Give today so we can be there for all those counting on us.


Please donate whatever you can to this challenge and become a TBO superhero!
The form below can be used for credit cards – For checks – please mail them to the temple office and put Superhero Challenge in the Memo

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Averbuch, Judy & Phil
Ball, Karen & Michael
Bisson, Sandra
Black, Chandler & Michael
Bloom, Susan & Michael
Burgess, Natalie
Butin, Sue
Catalfumo, Jan & Kaufman, Illeen
Caza, Sara & Michele
Demato, Rick & Risa
Docteroff, Harriet & Jeff
Eccleston, Wallace & Rose, Amy
Elkin, Regina
Feder, Erin
Feinstein, Karen & Harvey
Feinstein, Miriam & Steve
Fendell, Lisa & David
Fineberg, Abbe & Jeff
Finkel, Illana & Brett
Finkelstone, Ilayne
Finkelstone, Amy
Finkelstone, Lee
Forman, Lois
Friedland, Sandy
Friedman, Robin & Breitkopf, Pat
Frohman, Patrice
Gellman, Robyn & Jay
Glantz, Carol & Rick
Goldberg, Marshall & Bartos, Tara
Goldman, Penny
Goldstein, Bunny
Goren, Judie & Steve
Greenberg, Elaine & Howard
Grossman,Shelia & Arnie
Gurian, Linda
Hopp, Marsha & Bob
Horowitz, Irving & Renae
Johnson, Leslie & Larry
Kaplan, Ellen & Alan
Kaplan, Eileen & Michael
Kaplan, Regina
Kaplan, Janet & Robert
Kassof, Linda
Keil, Selma
Kenner, Lori & Keith
Kirschbaum, Irene
Klein, Jason
Klein, Doreen & Stan
Korotzer, Bailey, Lee & Julia
Koss, Hannie & Michael
Kostrinsky, Marion & Irwin
Kraft, Fran & Billy
Kratenstein, Harriet & Stanley
Krause, Aaron
Kurman, Rozanne
Lamers, Linda & Shafter, Bonnie
Lannan, Leslie
Lasky, Lydia & Louis
Lenes, Laura
Levin, Anita & Dennis
Levinson, Milton & Ann C.
Lobel, Sandy
Marcus, Nancy & Steve
Milrot, Rhonda & Arnold
Mintz, Darlene & Alan
Neiss, Philip & Silver, Marion
Oney, Fran & David
Pinsky, Beth & Joshua
Pottruck, Mindy & Garry
Radin, Harriet
Reichler, Linda & Jerry
Rose, Marsha & Mark
Rosenberg, Susan & Neil
Ross, Michelle & Barry
Rothstein, Marilynn & Earl
Rubin, Jerry
Selmon, Cynthia & Searle
Shneider, Michele & Gary
Silvern, Lynn & Lloyd
Singer, Bonnie
Skeegan, Joan & William
Sokoloff, Lauri & Barry
Solomon, Judah & Brean, Taryn
Steiner, Adrienne
Tesser, Sue
Wagner, Bella & Alan
Wanderman, Susan & Larry
Weinstock, Lori & Marc
Weisberg, Laura
Williams, Kate & Alan
Zafran, Lesley & Bruce
Zaidman, Gabrielle & Michael

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