Superhero Dads

Tributes In Recognition of
Super Hero Challenge

From Lori Kenner:
Keith Kenner an awesome husband, Dad and Grandpa! You are our Super Hero!

From Danton Klein:
Danton Klein, who is graduating high school, is honoring his grandfather, Stan Klein.

Hello Grandpa Stan. Thank you for being a great role model in my life and for giving me memories I won’t forget. I enjoy your company, your stories, and hope to go traveling with you again soon.

From Ellen Schwartzberg:
Happy father’s Day to my wonderful husband Murray.

From Larisa Polonsky and Julian Kaner:
In Honor of our WWII Heros and our wonderful Fathers who are remembered and stay in our hearts.

From Cara and Andrew Eccleston & family:
In honor of Mr. Aley Sheer. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.

From Ilayne Finkelstone:
In memory of my Dad, Leon Rostowsky, may he rest in peace.

From Robin Koota:
For all the awesome dads.

From Fran Kraft:

In honor of all the Fathers especially Billy Kraft who has been a wonderful father to our children and to my sons Rob, Steve and Frank, my sons in law Ralph and Ron and my grandsons-in -law who have all been fantastic fathers to my Grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

From Doreen & Stan Klein:
Danton, we are so proud of the man you have become.From the moment you were born we knew you would be destined for great accomplishments! Congrats on your graduation and we know you will rock UF!

From Renae Horowitz:
To my husband, Izzy, and to all fathers

From Ellen Russo:
In memory of my loving father and grandfather Irving Fink. In honor of Darian Russo who is a loving father. Enjoy your special day!.

From Jason, Cindi and Katie (Shelby, Danton, Ryan, Nathan, Benjamin, Jayne and Samantha) Klein:
Our father, Stan Klein, is our hero, our guide, a great listener, a great motivator, and an endearing father and grandfather. Happy Father’s Day!! We love you Dad (Grandpa)!!!

From Julie Manone:
In honor of my Superhero father Rick Glantz. You are the best dad a girl could ever want. I love you with all my heart and soul! xoxo,

From Carol Glantz:
We are taught to “honor thy father and thy mother,” so every day should in actuality be Father’s Day. But today I especially miss my father and wish I could see his smile just one more time. In memory of my father, Theodore Conrad, who was loved and respected by all who knew him. You are always in my heart,

From Deborah, Craig, Alexa, Rebecca, Emma and of course Winston and Oscar:
Happy Father’s Day (and Grandfather’s Day) to Rick Glantz the best one out there! Your unconditional love and humor keeps us all smiling and proud to be yours. We love you so very much!

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