Life Cycles

Temple Beth Orr offers wonderful facilities for every life cycle event in your family, from joyous celebrations to those moments when you are in need of comfort and support. If you are interested in reserving a space for an upcoming simcha or any other life cycle event, please contact  or (954) 753-3232.

Birth & Baby
Are you looking for a Jewish name? Need to find a mohel for a brit milah (circumcision) for your newborn son? Want to plan a brit bat (naming) ceremony for your daughter? We are always available to help you plan your child’s celebration, and welcome your child into the covenant of the Jewish people.

The beginning of formal learning is a simcha! All children beginning our religious school for the first time are invited to participate in our Consecration ceremony, to honor their entrance into the sweetness of Jewish tradition.

Bar-and Bat-Mitzvah
Training for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony, where one reads Torah for the first time, is provided for children through our Rosenberg Religious School.  We also offer Adult Bar or Bat Mitzvah classes, for those who did not have the opportunity to celebrate this special event at the age of thirteen. Come learn about Jewish theology and history. Learn Torah and Haftarah reading and chanting, as well as the skills needed to study a Torah portion and conduct a Shabbat service.

Confirmation and Kesher
Bar and Bat Mitzvah is not the end of Jewish education. We encourage our youth to continue their formal education and enroll in Confirmation class during the 8th grade. Confirmation takes place at the end of sophomore year. Teenagers who continue beyond Confirmation and complete the 12th grade program in our Kesher program also participate commencement celebrations. How wonderful that our Jewish youth are becoming active Jewish adults!

Choosing Judaism
Everyone in the community is welcome to consult with our Rabbi for information about conversion and to undertake a course of study leading to formal entry in the Jewish faith community. Please know, when you call, there is no such thing as a silly question.

Mazel tov on your upcoming wedding! We want to welcome you as you begin your Jewish life together. You are invited to meet with Rabbi for premarital counseling several months before your simcha, not only to prepare you for the ceremony, but to also discuss what it means to live a Jewish life together. We warmly welcome Interfaith and LGBTQ couples and look forward to celebrating this special time with everyone. 

Death and Dying
When someone you love is at the end of their life, you may not know where to turn. Our clergy can guide you in a meaningful, supportive and spiritual way through the Jewish end-of-life rituals, and help you make arrangements for the cemetery and funeral. Our clergy will also be honored to lead shiva minyans for the family in the first week following the burial, and will lead unveiling or memorial ceremonies any time after the first month of bereavement.

We can best honor our loved ones through memory. Memorial plaques offer a permanent way to offer tribute to those who have passed away.  If you are interested in creating a memorial name plate for someone who has died, or creating a tribute page in each year’s Congregational “Yizkor” book, please feel free to contact the temple office.

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