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Our Prayer Book

We use the Mishkan T’filah for Shabbat, Weekdays and Festivals which is the second prayer book listed on the link below.

Our Music

These are many of the melodies of prayers that we sing at Temple Beth Orr.  Whether you are planning a visit, studying for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or would like to learn more about Judaism, we hope you find these recordings helpful.  Please note that they are not exclusive; Judaism has a rich tradition with many melodies, and we at Temple Beth Orr love to sing!

1. Adonai S’fatai

2. Aleinu

3. Avot Chanted

4. Barchu

5. Blessing After Haftarah

6. Blessing After Torah

7. Blessing Before Haftarah

8. Blessing Before Torah

9. Gevurot Chanted

10. Kiddush

11. L’cha Dodi (Nava Tehila)

12. Mah Tovu (Chassidic Melody)

13. Mi Chamocha Evening

14. Mi Chamocha Morning

15. Mishebeirach

16. Mourner’s Kaddish Recited

17. Oseh Shalom

18. Shabbat Candle Blessing

19. Shalom Aleichem

20. Shalom Rav


22. Shma

23. Tallit Blessing Recited

24. The Four Questions Chanted

25. V’ahavta

26. V’shamru

27. Yotzeir Or

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