Rabbi's Suggestions

A few suggestions after the large-scale terrorist attack against Israel:

The Rumor Mill

It is normal for anxiety to lead us to turn off our critical thinking when we see unsubstantiated messages floating around in the media, on Facebook, on Instagram, etc. However, I urge you to think and discern when you see or hear rumors. Neither believe nor pass along information unless you are sure it has been corroborated by legitimate sources. Know that media and social media hoaxes are always a problem, but will be far more prevalent now when we feel so vulnerable.


At times like this, it is common for some to exploit financial generosity for their own personal financial gain. Please do not donate to anything or any organization unless you are completely sure that your donation is going where you want it to go. There are a number of fake sites and posts, even those that appear to be legit but on which your money is diverted. I recommend only giving directly through a website that you know to be legitimate (do not give through clicking on social media posts).

Where should I give?

Right now, with the information I have from trustworthy Israelis, I am recommending these two organizations.
Achim l’Neshek
Magen David Adom

What else can I do?

You can send messages to the White House and elected officials to continue to stand with Israel.
→ You can educate. Please refer to this linked talking point document that I feel is very helpful.
→ You can look for Israel coverage that is relatively fair, is aligned with Reform Jewish values, and not gratuitously provocative.
→ No source is perfect, but here are a few that generally fit the criteria:

The Times of Israel
News not Noise by long-time political correspondant Jessica Yellin
YNET news

You can put up flyers that raise awareness of the 200+ Israeli hostages who are being held by Hamas in Gaza.
Flyers to raise awareness of Israeli hostages: https://www.kidnappedfromisrael.com/ You can care for yourself. Spend time with caring people who understand, including your Temple Beth Orr family. We are here for each other within a world that can seem harsh and hostile.

With fondness and concern,
Rabbi Laura M. Rappaport